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Artificial Grass Melbourne

Residential Artificial Turf.

Our Turf is designed for and perfectly suited to garden life. Our grasses, designed to look so real that they are often mistaken for the real thing.

It has taken us years to perfect our design but we believe that our products are the most realistic anywhere in the world.

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Synthetic Grass Melbourne

Commercial Synthetic Grass.

Our synthetic grass products are perfect for commercial applications. We engineer all of our synthetic grass products to look and feel like real grass. Best of all, our synthetic grass is highly durable and can withstand heavy and consistent foot traffic.

The beauty behind our synthetic grass is that they are low maintenance, require little-to-no watering, and absolutely no mowing!

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Artificial Turf Melbourne

Artificial Turf For Schools.

Our artificial turf features a variety of recycled foam padding that has protection against impact injuries. Our padding cushions falls that meets Australian Standards for Testing and Materials. Pair our injury-proof artificial turf for kids with any of our beautiful synthetic turf and your playground will look brand new and maintain a fun and safe environment for children for years to come!

All of our synthetic grass products are designed to outlast regular turf and can withstand the roughest and toughest of play.

Our system is engineered to provide a safe and natural looking surface for any playground. Our artifical turf showcases a contemporary, clean and soft surface children enjoy and exceeds all of the industry quality and safety standards.

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artificial grass installations

Artificial Grass Installations Melbourne

Sporting Artificial Grass.

Our lawn is a multi-purpose all-weather turf with that is extremely durable yet softer playing surface. The pile is soft, non-abrasive and provide a softer ‘landing’, reducing the injuries and grazed knees caused by asphalt and concrete.

Our multi-purpose turf can be installed easily over existing asphalt or concrete bases, or installed on built bases and used for football grounds, rugby grounds and any other outdoor sport. Our turf requires little maintenance apart from keeping the surface free of leaves, debris and organic matter, reducing your maintenance costs – excellent for your budget.

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Artificial Grass Events Melbourne

Artificial Grass For Events.

Synthetic grass gives your event a different look. You’ll get a cool, calm and classy feel and our grass will become a positive talking point.

Time and time again our clients tell us they love our grass concepts and watch as their guests want to touch it to make sure it isn’t real.

We service throughout Melbourne and install in all of the major suburbs. If you want something more exciting than boring carpet and way less expensive than wooden flooring, then our synthetic grass should be the option for you.

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